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“It was not a personality issue, not a disliking issue,” Minto said. “This was truly for me about not being able to accomplish my goals. For me over the years, it was difficult to try talking to Keith about things that went on in the city. I felt that my importance as a councilman was not as important as his position as city manager, and I think it had an effect on my ability to govern the city issues affairs.”

Part of Mast Boulevard to become hiking trail (February 27, 2014)

Only City Councilman John Minto, a retired police officer who expressed safety concerns because of the area’s remote and secluded location, favored expanding Mast into Lakeside.

“I voted against (the trail plan) because I think ‘Why would a street be proposed to go there if it wasn’t supposed to?’”

Thousands of trees to be planted in Santee  (January 2, 2014)

“The city of Santee has always strived to be an environmentally friendly city,” said City Councilman John Minto. “We are proud that for many years we have been awarded the Tree City USA status, and the addition of trees along the Walker property will be an enhancement to what we already have.”

Goal of curfew sweeps: Keeping teenagers safe  (March 19, 2009)

San Diego police Detective John Minto, who is also a Santee city councilman, works with San Diego’s Gang Commission. Years of experience during truancy sweeps, he said, showed him that “traditional policing was not working” with teens.

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