“John has been the perfect Mayor for the City of Santee.  He has always been kind, approachable, and willing to address any problem citizens may have.”

Arnold Winston, Santee Resident & Community Leader

“When we do river clean-ups, John shows up in shorts, tennis shoes, and with a shovel.  I love somebody who is ready to work, not just talk.”

Gary Strawn, Santee Resident and Volunteer, San Diego River Park Foundation

“John has always supported the seniors of our city.  He can always be seen passing out food and visiting with members of the senior community.  Mayor Minto truly cares about the seniors of his city.”

Ruth Cleesattle, Senior Citizen Advocate

“I support John because he honestly displays his love and concern for the people and the city of Santee.”

Dan Bickford, Santee Resident, Meadowbrook Mobile Home Community

“As a small business owner, supporting John is an easy decision!  He has always been an advocate for local businesses here in SANTEE AND has always ensured we can be successful.”

David Lopez, Owner of Janet’s Cafe & Deli

“As a resident of Santee for most of my life, I have seen our city go through major change.  That is why I support John.  He has the experience to continue to lead our city in the right direction.”

Wally Husted, Longtime Santee Resident, Since 1970

“Supporting John Minto for Mayor of Santee is an easy decision.  Three of the most important things we want our elected leaders to accomplish, John has.  Safety, Fiscal Responsibility, and support of local businesses and organizations.”

Sam Modica, Santee Resident and Santee Santas, Past President

“What attracts me to John is that he is approachable, engaged, and informed.”

Ralf Konig, Omelette Factory, Owner