I LOVE SANTEE!  It’s why I have spent 14 years as a councilmember and have been your mayor since 2016.

My time with the city council has garnered extensive skills and knowledge necessary to lead our city into the future.

I have seen Santee evolve into the wonderful city it is today.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 and social unrest have left a mark.  Santee, now more than ever, needs my experience, leadership, and dedication to steer us into our next chapter.

During COVID-19, I joined with Lantern Crest Foundation and two local restaurants to provide 65 meals a week for nine weeks to seniors.  I also purchased and provided 400 masks for seniors.

I was out during the social unrest seeing for myself, listening to all sides, and supporting the peaceful rallying.  I continue to believe there is always room for improvement, and listening is learning.  I initiated having the city council approve four additional positions on the Community Oriented Policing Committee (COMPOC) to specifically address social issues.

I pushed for our July 4th fireworks after they were initially canceled due to large gathering restrictions.  My comment on celebrating Independence Day without fireworks, “We will have fireworks.  I don’t care how we do it.”

There is work to be done and I see an even brighter future for Santee.  Your vote for me will ensure the most experienced candidate working for an even better Santee.

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