Minto for Mayor 2020

Experience Working For A Better Santee!

John W. Minto

I am moving on policies and projects that will keep Santee on the path to prosperity and maintain the high quality of life we all enjoy.

My short-term goal is to continue correcting deficiencies in the city’s infrastructure, which includes streets, curbs, sidewalks, aging storm drains and parks. My top-ranked goal is to mitigate traffic issues on our local streets as well as congestion on Highway 52.

I also want to attract new business and industry to our city, so people don’t have to commute long distances to work.  There is still a lot of work to be done.  Our future is bright.  I see it and hope you can too.

I can promise you that I’ll keep an open mind and I am always willing to listen to a good idea.

As always, have a great Santee day.


                             John W. Minto



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